Portugal | May 30 2020

$60.95 Per Person

GET VITAMIN SEA - NO EXPIRATION DATE - Start planning your surf camp experience on the silver coast of Portugal, in the stunning Ericeira.

If you don't know yet when you want to join us but you know that you don't want to miss out on a surf holiday if you know that you will score massive points by offering some Vitamin Sea to a special friend or if you simply just want something to look forward to, these vouchers are a great option for you. You can choose from different amounts: 50,00€, 100,00€, 350,00€, and you can get an unlimited number of vouchers that can be used on a single booking or multiple bookings as well used on products and services on site. You can redeem the voucher on any of our seasons, there is no expiration date so be in 2020 or 2030 we will be here to make sure you will make the most out of it.


MAY 01ST 2021 - OCTOBER 30TH 2021

May 2021

Oh how much we love May. We are back again, excited for this new season, for all the new people we will meet and for the old friends that we welcome season upon season for some good times, sun & surf. The spring is on, and although the early mornings and nights are still crisp, during the days, you can enjoy the sun on your skin. The village starts welcoming the first summer tourists always with the same laid back summer surfing vibe. It is the perfect time if you don't want to be in a crowded spot and make the most combining the relaxed vibe with the powerful energy of the surf lessons.

June 2021

This month shows you what the Portuguese summer is all about. It is a month where you can enjoy the many fairs and street parties around Ericeira, celebrating the patron saints and showing the most traditional Portuguese way of partying. The village starts to get a bit more people, but it is still a month where you can enjoy the almost empty beaches and the laid back vibes of the town. The days are warmer and longer, so either on the beach or by the pool we know you will have a great time.

July 2021

July brings the warm days and vibrant nights, it's the month of the Music Festivals, and there are a few around us. The town gets ready for the summer, and you can feel the beach vibes everywhere. It's the perfect month if you want to enjoy a less crowded place but still with plenty to do to make your surf holiday one to remember for years to come.

August 2021

What can be said about August? Let's say you reached mid-summer. It is a fantastic month. Mellow waves, perfect sunsets, the town dressed up for local festivities, carnivals and fairs and welcoming "the holidayers", are a few things you can expect this month. The town is undoubtedly busier, but the atmosphere is exploding with that summer spirit.

September 2021

In September the pace starts slowing down a bit, the town and beaches, become less crowded but always keeping that fisherman's village charm. The days are still warm, and the nightlife still offers you plenty of entertainment for you to make the most of your stay in Ericeira. You can enjoy the many different sunsets this special place has to offer and toast to another fantastic day full of fun, sun and surf.

October 2021

October marks the end of our Surf Season, but although at the end of the month we say a see you soon until the following year, this month has still a lot to offer. The beaches become authentic paradises with only a few people, the waves are still excellent, and it's time for some surfing competitions where you can watch the pro surfers performing at the highest level.