Europes Only Surf Reserve

We are lucky enough to be in Ericeira. The only World Surf Reserve in Europe and one of the most consistent spots on the North Atlantic coast. We have such a variety of waves, beaches, reef and point break, that you'll find perfect spots, regardless of your experience. Our instructors are stoked to share a bit of the silver coast experience with you. Apart from their personal experience all over the world, they have thousands of sea-hours, in class, with all learning levels but most importantly, they are credited by the Portuguese Surf Federation, the International Surf Association (L2) and all certified and experienced Lifeguards and first aiders to give you the best possible experience.

White Waves

Surf & Stay

This course will suit you if you never surfed before, need a recap on the basics, or if you are at an Intermediate level ready to take the next step on your surfing skills. You will be divided into groups according to your experience after being accessed by the instructors. We will give you a first approach to safety and surfing and by the end of the week you will be standing on a surfboard for the first time and hooked for life;) but if you already have some experience and consider yourself at an Intermediate level, conditions allowing you will be catching some green waves out the back and improving your skills to make you a better surfer.



If you want to pimp up your White Waves Holidays this package is ideal, it includes a few extras to turn your experience a bit more chilled. White Waves is ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers, it doesn't require experience but if you have some we will make sure you make the most out of this time with us. On the first lesson, you'll be assessed and grouped according to your surf level and divided into groups after being accessed by the instructors.

Sun & Air

Stay W/Surf & Aerial Yoga

This course combines two activities Surfing and Aerial Yoga, together they can improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Aerial Yoga takes you into a more holistic experience. This type of yoga combines the traditional yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of a hammock. It explores advanced posture more easily which will help you with your surf lessons. The course is suitable for both beginners and Intermediate surfers. Giving the first approach on surfing to the ones with no or less experience and improving the surf skills to the ones with already more time in the water.

Sun & Earth

Stay W/Surf & Yoga  

It is known that certain yoga poses cater directly to surfers, and some of them can be used as the important stretch you must do before your surf session. Balance, strength and agility are elements that you want to get right when you're surfing. Our Sun & Earth is one of our surf courses that combine surfing with classic yoga. Vinyasa Flow is the main type of yoga you will practice during this week. You can have surf experience, need a recap on the basics or be a complete surf beginner, we will make sure to take you where you want to go on your surf level.

White & Blue

Stay W/Surf & SUP

Joining the Surf and SUP week is most definitely for water lovers. It offers the perfect balance between Surf and Stand Up Paddle for a mix of excitement and a super chilled time on the ocean or the local river. To enrol on both courses there is no experience required but if you have it, we will also take you to the level you want to be. The group will be divided according to their surf experience and taught the techniques that fit your skill level, the aim will always be to make you a better surfer than you already are.

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